Prolozone Treatment

Prolozone is a therapeutic approach that combines the principles of neural therapy, Prolotherapy, and ozone therapy. It involves injecting combinations of anesthetic, anti-inflammatory medications, homeopathics, vitamins and a mixture of ozone/oxygen gas into degenerated or injured joints, and into areas of pain.

The ozone gas stimulates cells in joints and soft tissue to start repairing themselves. Because ozone is a gas, it disperses easily throughout the joint, stimulating the surrounding tissue and causing a widespread healing response.

Effectiveness of joint pain treatment increases significantly if joint injection is done under direct ultrasound guidance.

What is Prolozone?
Prolozone  is medical treatment technique that uses injections of special solutions of nutrients, anesthetics and anti-inflammatory agents combined with oxygen gas and ozone to help regenerate joints and soft tissues that have been damaged by trauma or disease. Prolozone can be used to treat many types of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases, including:

  • chronic neck and back pain
  • shoulder and knee injuries
  • knee and hip pain
  • degenerated discs
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow
  • whiplash
  • temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
  • sciatica
  • pain due to osteoarthritis.

How does Prolozone work?
Prolozone works by infusing tissues in the injured area with oxygen. Carried in blood, oxygen is one of the most critical elements involved in the tissue healing process. During treatment, oxygen is increased to damaged tissues in two important ways: First, the anesthetics and homeopathic components of the Prolozone solutions go to work to decrease inflammation and swelling, helping to restore normal, healthy circulation to the injured area. Second, the injured tissues receive the ideal mix of nutrients to feed tissues and promote immediate and long-term healing. And, of course, the solution itself contains ozone for optimal infusion of injured tissues.

What’s involved in Prolozone treatment?
Prolozone therapy involves a series of injections of special solutions that are formulated specifically for your needs, including the type of injury you have and the type of symptoms you’re experiencing. Most patients benefit from a series of three to five treatment sessions performed over several weeks to encourage long-lasting healing over time.

What is the difference between prolotherapy and Prolozone?
Prolotherapy initiates controlled damage to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes to “kick in,” while Prolozone uses the healing power of oxygen to help tissues regenerate over time.