Lifestyle Counselling

Virtually every illness, from arthritis to migraine headaches, the common cold to cancer, is influenced by how we think and feel. The state of mind directly affects physical illness.

Landmark scientific studies have demonstrated the undeniable connection between the mind and body. Negative emotions like worry, anxiety, depression, hostility and anger, can increase susceptibility to disease. While positive emotions, like optimism, humor and a fighting spirit, can protect your health and encourage healing.

  • Your body responds to the way you see yourself and your circumstances.
  • Social support, friendships, strong stable relationships are protective to your health.
  • Different personalities are either prone to, or able to resist, disease.
  • Various attitudes and emotions can change your body chemistry, heart rate and hormones.
  • Attitudes and emotions can provide immunity to disease.

What areas of your lifestyle can you examine in order to move towards a greater state of well-being? Opening the conversation to these aspects can allow for profound awareness and insight into your health behaviors. Our Naturopathic Doctors enjoy working through this process of discovery with all clients and referrals as needed to address concerns outside the scope of our practice.